Jesse Gomez, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

jessegomez [at] princeton [dot] edu

PNI Room 234


Omar Singleton

graduate student

Omar is a PhD student in PNI, and member of the lab. He previously worked on neuroimaging projects at MGH.


Patricia Hoyos

graduate student

Patricia is a PhD student in PNI, and member of the Gomez and Kastner Labs. She studies the development of the dorsal stream.


Sidney Gregorek

undergraduate researcher

Sidney is a senior concentrating in neuroscience, studying receptive fields in high-level visual cortex


Matthew Trotter

undergraduate researcher

Matthew is a senior concentrating in neuroscience, currently helping study cerebellum development

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Rowen Gesue

undergraduate researcher

Rowen is an undergraduate helping analyze and segment cerebellar data in a large dataset

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Lab Manager

Jewelia Yao

Jewelia is a recent graduate from University of California Berkeley where she worked on the relationship between cortical folding and working memory in children. She's now our lab manager!


graduate student

Fred Uquillas

Fred is a PhD student and Presidential Fellow in PNI. His research focuses on large scale human brain networks and cerebellar contributions to cortical structure and function


graduate student

Edan Daniel

Edan is a PhD student  in PNI, and member of the lab. She previously worked on EEG analyses in the Dinstein Lab at Ben-Gurion University in Israel.


undergraduate researcher

Folarin Okulaja

Folarin is a senior studying the developmental origins of the other-race effect and its plasticity in adulthood


undergraduate researcher

Zach Yazdani

Zach is a senior studying the organization of visual responses in the lateral prefrontal cortex


undergraduate researcher

Bing Li

Bing is an undergrad helping research how cerebellar development interacts with cortical structure.

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undergraduate researcher

Mariam Latif

Mariam is an undergraduate in the lab helping analyze cerebellar data in a large dataset


Stuart Duffield

Undergrad researcher

Niranjana Bienkowska

Undergrad researcher

Allie Reynolds

Undergrad researcher

Shannon Chen

Undergrad researcher